The rigidity of e-commerce

We have a place where we can present our products and / or services to the world and immediately start doing business is the main advantage of e-commerce platforms.

The flexibility that they brought to the market in recent years makes the range of needs and specific features required by businesses are the covered party.

No longer do we have to adapt to technology because the technology is flexible enough to adapt to us.

then we have all the advantages of an e-commerce platform at our disposal, easy to use, it meets our requirements, it is versatile and global reach.

Nothing can be better for us. Right? Almost.

What a significant proportion of companies forget is that these tools are available for all in the global market. Our competition is not only that we knew traditionally, but now potentially worldwide.

We are the world to sell to, but we have all over the world to compete with us. This is good for the consumer, but force companies to take a decision.

I bet or not an online sales platform?

The answer seems to be simple enough for thousands of companies have said yes, but it is also complex enough for most companies that are there now be thinking twice.

The problem with all this available technology, it is the same. We have all this technology available. And many are using it to the full. There is girded to open an online store and wait for the customer, or even wait for the results of advertising.

And if we now enter this market we have to be aware that we will go directly to the last. The more it is not, for the companies that already operate in the market have experience.

Selling online requires more work and resources than simply load an installation of a software button. It requires analysis, a plan, financial and human resources.

We can not just ask an employee at the end of the day go deal with orders that the store may be generating or responding to requests for information issued by customers during the period. Who has physical sales knows that the client does not visit it, fill out an information form and return there the next day to find answer.

We can not wait for online orders to make the appropriate request Estimated and so escape the necessary evil of stock terms (with some exceptions).

It is necessary to understand that an online sales platform is not just a store. It is a set of services that the customer expects. And to be able to have these services have to do investment. We can not equate the reasonableness of making a profit and then do the investment. Does not work.

And though we wish so it is not, we can not go gradually add services considered crucial because the market is too large so that there is at least a handful of companies that have complete service from the beginning.

An e-commerce solution has cost? Yes. High? For initial investment can be considered. Indispensable? Absolutely.