Licentia services are part of a solution provided to a customer


We want to to make sure your store is always up and running.

That’s way we build a set of monitoring tools to analyze your store to make sure it’s responding as it should be. We are not talking about checking if your store is online, we are talking about making sure your store is running.

Your search, checkout, product page, customer registration, presentation and organization.

We simulate trough automated actions, customer steps in your store to check if everything is working as it should. Since this process, after designed, is automated, it can run once every few seconds if needed.

How detailed can this automation be? We can check for malformed HTML, external links, internal links, images, and any other media object. You can know for sure your store has no broken links or outdated content.

Hosting Selection

There are a lot of great and competent hosting companies.

We don’t want to enter that space, since there is no need for that. They know how to handle server infrastructures and hosting services and we know how to handle Magento®.

And while we don’t offer hosting solutions, we know how a server should be configured to properly run Magento®. If you have no clue whether to choose this or that or any for what matters, we can narrow down the choices to a couple of providers. The final choice is always yours.

After choosing the right hosting provider, we will work together with him to make sure your server has the correct tools and services installed to run Magento® the safest and fastest way possible.


What’s the point of having the very best tools in the market if we don’t know how to take advantage of them?

Licentia will make sure your company has the knowledge in order to take full advantage of your store.

This way you can rest assured your team knows how to handle the store workflows and how to proceed if new changes are necessary.

There will be no such things as complex promo rules, marketing actions, customer services, different types of product offerings, etc.

Data Analysis

Every few months we will dig trough the data collected by Magento® (product views, search terms, most sold, visitor details, etc.) decompose it and suggest changes, if we believe they are needed, so you make sure you take advantage of the platform.

Process Management

Need help setting up processes for handling different aspects of your store?

We are here for you. From customer services, returns, orders, etc, we will make sure your company is dealing with every aspect of your operation taking in account the best interest of the customer and your company.

It can be hard (and will be) to define all (possible) actions to take for a single process, let along for all of them.

Returns: Do we wait until we get the item to refund the customer? Does he need to pay for the carrier? Do we send the carrier to his house or the customer needs to go to a pickup point? Do this questions have a different answer based on Customer’s Equity and LTV?

Customer Support: Do we offer phone support? Email support? Support on social media? Do we respond to all questions on all channels?

And those are generic situations. Every company and every store are different. You need to make sure your store offers the best services and handles all the situations the best possible way.

Where is the harm in getting a second opinion?

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