InvoiceXpress – Magento® 1

This extension is for Magento® 1 only. It’s not compatible with Magento® 2. You can’t upgrade extensions from Magento® 1 to Magento® 2

This extension requires an InvoiceXpress account. To get more information about the service or create a new account, please visit the following link:

NOTE: Your are not buying an invoiceXpress service/plan/product. You are buying the integration between Magento® and InvoiceXpress platform. To check InvoiceXpress plans visit the source above


InvoiceXpress is an online invoicing software that wants to simplify the world of invoicing. It’s the easiest way to manage your invoices, allowing you to focus on your business.
InvoiceXpress is certified by Autoridade Tributária with the number 192 since 2010.


The integration with Magento® gives you the possibility to issue Invoices and Credit Memo documents the way you are used to. Taht’s right. It’s the same procedure, made in the same way. Magento® invoice continues to work as invoiceXpress do.

You also don’t have to worry about invoicing an item with a non existing tax rate in your InvoiceXpress account. We will get a warning about that. A big one!!!

With our software you can:

  • Create invoices, credit and debit notes, receipts, estimates, guides and orders.
  • Schedule invoices for billing recurring projects.
  • Have a complete overview of billed, received and paid values.
  • Invoice with multi-currency
  • Automatic communication of your invoices to Autoridade Tributária

Why InvoiceXpress?


Save time by creating invoices seamlessly, and focus on what really matters, your business.

Free Updates

Our app is always up to date to the latest version, so you just have to focus on invoicing your customers, we’ll do the rest with no costs for you.


InvoiceXpress is a monthly paid or prepaid service. There are no contracts or commitments on your part. Money-back guarantee in 90 days if you’re not satisfied.


Access InvoiceXpress from your laptop or tablet anywhere at anytime.

Get paid faster

Allow your customers to pay with credit card directly from the invoice. Send reminders by email or SMS to that client that keeps forgetting to pay in time.

Complete overview of your business

Access charts and reports about your invoices, and have an instant overview of your business results.

Expand your business

Do you have customers in other countries? InvoiceXpress helps you invoice to those clients by creating documents in Spanish, Portuguese or English, with multi-currency and credit card references.

Buy Now

  • Software package. One-time buy. Lifetime updates.

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Please send an email to requesting demo access. Please refer to the Manual to see how it works.

This extension source code is 100% open source

Magento® 1.5+