Enhanced CMS – Magento® 1

This extension is for Magento® 1 only. It’s not compatible with Magento® 2. You can’t upgrade extensions from Magento® 1 to Magento® 2


To test all extensions features before buying, please login into the demo environment with the following data

Store Admin: http://ecms.demo.licentia.pt/admin
Username: demo
Password: demo12323
Navigate to the “CMS/Pages|Blocks” menu


If you run a multi-view store you probably have this issue: Creating multiple content for the same page. Magento® CMS Pages and Blocks don’t work the same way products/configuration. There are no scopes.

This means you have to manually copy/paste content for all your store view for translation. Not because the content will be the same, but because it’s a great help if you want to translate directly from the original version. Also the page/block identifier is the same


  • Duplicate Pages and blocks to a given store view
  • Mass enable/disable pages/blocks
  • Mass delete pages/blocks
  • Ajax support for listing
  • Edit column so you can open multiple edit forms
  • Mass Action Layout Update Column (pages)
  • Preview for all Store Views (pages)
  • Mass Action Assign to Store View
  • Mass Action Un-Assign from Store View
  • Mass Action Assign to All Store Views


If you bought your extension and you found an issue with it you have 14 days to contact us in order to fix. If we can’t provide you a fix in a timely manner (up to 48h) we will refund your money

Source Code

This extension source code is 100% open source

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