Email & SMS Marketing Automation- Magento® 2

Your Data

:: This extension allows your company to use your own SMTP email server.
:: This means no information ever leave your server to third-party ones. No orders details, no customers details, no stats, etc. At no point this extension “randomly” invokes externals URL’s. So you can rest assured your store information is secure in your hands

Magento® Email Marketing - Your Data
Magento® Email Marketing - Shopping Cart Abandonment

Subscribers Segments

:: Segment your subscribers to further customize emails
:: Send Campaigns to specific Subscribers Segments
:: Segment Subscribers or Subscribers that are also customers to further increase the degree segmentation

  • Customer Field
    •  Every single customer field, including extra fields you added
  • Customer Attribute
    •  Every single customer attribute will be available here. Email, first name, last name, etc.
  •  Customer Activity
    • Days with an abandoned cart
    • Days to anniversary
    • Customer Age
    • Days with a pending payment for an order
    • Days since last complete order
    • Days since first complete order
    • Days since last review
    • Days since last product tagged
    • Days since account creation
    • Number of Reviews
    • Number of Tags
    • Number of Completed Orders
    • Percentage of Completed Orders
    • Lifetime Sales Amount
    • Lifetime Sales Average
    • Percentage of Global Average Order Amount
    • Viewed Products in the category
    • Viewed Products in the last 7 days in the category
    • Views Products frequently in the category
    • Viewed Products with the attribute
    • Viewed Products in the last 7 days with the attribute
    • Views Products frequently with the attribute
    • Bought Products with the attribute
    • Bought Products in the last 7 days with the attribute
    • Bought Products frequently with the attribute
    • Viewed products with SKU
    • Viewed products with SKU in the last 7 days
    • Viewed products with SKU frequently
  •  Previous Order – Cart Attribute
    • Subtotal
    • Total Items Quantity
    • Total Weight
    • Payment Method
    • Shipping Method
    • Shipping Postcode
    • Shipping Region
    • Shipping State/Province
    • Shipping Country
    • Ordered Date
  •  Abandoned Cart
    • Product SKU
    • Items Qty
    • Items Count
    • Cart Total
    • Specific Coupon Applied
    • Abandoned Time (hours)
  • Previous Order – Product Attribute
    • Product SKU

Subscribers Extra Fields

:: Add extra fields to collect extra preferences for subscribers
:: Map form fields to subscribers extra fields
:: Fields available in segmentation

Magento® Email Marketing - Shopping Cart Abandonment
Magento® Email Marketing - Shopping Cart Abandonment


:: Create multiple forms
:: Allow only customers to submit entries
:: Maps form elements to subscriber fields

  • Checkbox(One)
  • Checkboxes (Multiple)
  • CountryList
  • Date
  • File
  • Email
  • Hidden Field
  • HTML Text
  • Long Text
  • Number
  • Phone Number
  • Radios (Multiple)
  • Select List
  • Text
  • URL

Shopping cart abandonment

:: Send automated emails to customers with products in their shopping cart
:: Emails can be sent to specific customers groups and specific Store Views

Magento® Email Marketing - Shopping Cart Abandonment

Email & SMS Campaigns

:: Create recurring campaigns and let Magento® do the work for you.
:: Merge the power of segments, widgets and recurring campaigns and have a newsletter being sent every day to customers who made their last purchase 3 months ago. Every day a new group of customers will receive that newsletter. Make them an offer based in a existing promo rule. Or why not send an email one week after the customer last purchase with products related to the ones he bought? If a customer buys a printer, next week he can receive such products as toners, paper, or anything else.
:: If you know the life span of your product you can have Magento® send your customers two days before product life span a reminder and a promo code. Schedule campaigns so you can build the Christmas or any other holiday in advance.
:: SMS Gateways supported: Clickatell, Egoi, Mosms, Msg91, Smsglobal, Spryng, Textmarketer, Txtlocal, Nexmo, Infobip, SmsGateway, Sinch, Semysms, Textbelt, Africastalking, Chikka, ClockworkSms


:: Now you can know how much return are you having from you campaigns.
:: If your customer receives an email, clicks in a link from that same email and then buys something from your store you just got a conversion. Congratulations about that.
:: You have a summary per campaign and customer. You can also see a detailed view of every purchase that was made for that specific campaign or from that specific customer.

Magento® Email Marketing - Conversions
Magento® Email Marketing - Customer Activity

Customer activity

:: This extension user activity widget allows you to recommend different products to each customer. But the great part is that the products customers get recommendations are based on their activity in the store. So no random products to show or trying to guess anything. This widget can be placed in your campaigns or directly in your online store.
:: Build recommendations based on activity like: most products views, category views, wish list, abandoned carts, related products, recent or attributes lists.
:: This widget can understand user activity to such extent that he knows what attributes your customers navigate and redefine searches. An example. If you have a computer and smartphone store, we know what type of products your customer wants and what subset. So, he can be only interested in Nokia products in the red color. We can recommend him that.

A/B Campaigns

:: Does your marketing department have really great ideas they can’t decide which one to use?
:: Now you can create two versions of your campaign and have the system test it for you. A small percentage of subscribers will receive the version A and another small percent- age version B. After a defined number of days the system will see which one wins, and send the main percentage of emails using the winning campaign.
:: Winner can be determined by opens, clicks, conversions or manually

Magento® Email Marketing - A/B Campaigns
Magento® Email Marketing - Transactional Emails

Transactional Emails

:: Use this extension to send Magento®’s transactional emails using your SMTP server

Coupons integration

:: Send a unique coupon in every email you send for your campaign. Taking advantage of this extension coupon widget, will allow you to create a unique coupon for every email. That coupon can only be used once
:: Force a match between a coupon and the newsletter email. In this case you know only that customer can use that coupon.

Magento® Email Marketing - Coupons
Magento® Email Marketing - Autoresponders


:: Create auto responders for certain actions triggered by your subscribers.
:: Create chains of emails to be sent per autoresponders
:: Add cancellation events to stop future autoresponders events emails from being sent
:: Skip certain days of the week to increase your chances of conversion

  • Customer – New
  • Customer – Login
  • Customer – Last Activity
  • Customer – New Abandoned Cart
  • Campaign – Open
  • Campaign – Click
  • Campaign – Click specific link
  • Order – New
  • Order – Bough Specific Product
  • Order – Order Status Changes
  • Search – New Search
  • Product – Lifespan Product
  • Product – New Tag
  • Product – New Review
  • Product – New Review on bought product

Follow Ups

:: Send Follow Ups to your customers
:: Send Follow Ups only to subscribers who have open/un-open their email, click/no click and made a purchase or not
:: Send Follow Ups only to subscribers from a certain segment
:: Send multiple Follow Ups per campaign

Magento® Email Marketing - Follow Ups
Magento® Email Marketing - Goals


:: Define goals to achieve and keep track of evolution.
:: This extension gives you the possibility to track conversions, subscribers, views and clicks.
:: Further refine your goals by track campaigns, segments, lists or globally


:: Real time clicks, conversions and opens
:: Have in deep reports about a campaign
:: Know who and from where are your customers

Magento® Email Marketing - Reports
Magento® Email Marketing - Reorder

Automatic reorder reminder

Now you can send automatic reminders to customers who purchase a product and it has a defined EOL after purchase. Even better, if the customer already ordered that product more than once, the system will automatically calculate the next reminder date for you. This is a great way to increase your reorder ratio and create a loyalty customer base.

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To test all extensions features before buying, please login into the demo environment with the following data

Store Admin:
Username: demo
Password: demo123123
Navigate to the “Marketing/Email Marketing” menu

Version 2.7.1 – 30-11-2017

  • Compatibility with Magento 2.2
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.7.0 – 14-03-2017

  • Subscribers Segments
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.6.0 – 4-03-2017

  • Forms
  • Subscriber Extra Fields
  • Bug fixes

Version 2.5.0 – 24-02-2017

  • Magento® 2.1 compatibility
  • SMS Support
  • Template variations
  • More Autoresponders Triggers
  • Autoresponders Cancellation Events
  • Bug fix release

Version 2.1.0 – 10-07-2016

  • Magento® 2.1 compatibility
  • Bug fix release

Version 2.0.0 – 10-02-2016

  • Initial Release

This extension source code is 100% open source

This extension is compatible with Magento® 2.1+

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