Customer Segments & Pricing – Magento® 2

Know your customers

Having the ability to segment your customer base let’s you make more rationalized decisions about content, prices, organization, marketing and support. This extension also supports guests accounts.

Create segments with criteria that is relevant to your store. For example: need to do a product recall? Easily select all the customer that bought that specific product. Want to know the details about order from a specific region made using a specific payment method, shipping method with a subtotal greater than 1000? Easily. You can have an unlimited number of conditions

Magento® Customer Segments -
Magento® Customer Segments - Targeted Offerings

Targeted Offerings


Not only this extension gives you the ability to segment your customers, but also allows you to define product prices per segment

Yes, this means you can know reward your top customers with specific product prices. Have the segment updated daily so your customers are always in the right place.

You can also use Customer Segment as a rule condition when creating Shopping Cart Promo Rules. Offer free shipping or a discount to a specific customer segment.

The level of control you have over your customers and product prices is now unlimited


Licentia Customer Segments extension keeps track of your segment numbers, so you can check record evolution for each segment

This gives you the opportunity to further analyze a segment behavior trough time. Is the number of customers who made purchases over 1.000,00 decreasing? Or increasing?

Overtime information in crucial so your store managers can take the right actions against the most accurate data possible

Magento® Customer Segments - Evolution
Magento® Customer Segments - Manual Control

Manual Control

You also have the ability to manually add a customer to a specific segment.

Do your company have a special relation with a customer? Or with another company? For more granular control you can now manually assign a customer to a segment in order to make use of ACL and product prices

Don’t worry. A customer manually added to a segment can only leave manually. So yes, you can have segments with manually and automatically assigned customers

Available Segment Conditions

  • Customer Attribute
    •  Every single customer attribute will be available here. Email, first name, last name, etc.
  •  Customer Activity
    • Days with an abandoned cart
    • Days to anniversary
    • Customer Age
    • Days with a pending payment for an order
    • Days since last complete order
    • Days since first complete order
    • Days since last review
    • Days since last product tagged
    • Days since account creation
    • Number of Reviews
    • Number of Tags
    • Number of Completed Orders
    • Percentage of Completed Orders
    • Lifetime Sales Amount
    • Lifetime Sales Average
    • Percentage of Global Average Order Amount
    • Viewed Products in the category
    • Viewed Products in the last 7 days in the category
    • Views Products frequently in the category
    • Viewed Products with the attribute
    • Viewed Products in the last 7 days with the attribute
    • Views Products frequently with the attribute
    • Bought Products with the attribute
    • Bought Products in the last 7 days with the attribute
    • Bought Products frequently with the attribute
    • Viewed products with SKU
    • Viewed products with SKU in the last 7 days
    • Viewed products with SKU frequently
  • Newsletter Activity (requires Licentia Email Marketing extension to be installed)
    • Percentage of Clicks Vs Opens
    • Percentage of Clicks Vs Sent
    • Percentage of Opens Vs Sent
    • Percentage Conversions Vs Sent
    • Conversions Amount
    • Conversions Number
  • Customer Equity & LTV (requires Licentia Customer Equity & LTV extension to be installed)
    • *Every equation defined in the extension *
  •  Previous Order – Cart Attribute
    • Subtotal
    • Total Items Quantity
    • Total Weight
    • Payment Method
    • Shipping Method
    • Shipping Postcode
    • Shipping Region
    • Shipping State/Province
    • Shipping Country
    • Ordered Date
    • Promotion Rule Applied
  •  Abandoned Cart
    • Product SKU
    • Items Qty
    • Items Count
    • Cart Total
    • Specific Coupon Applied
    • Abandoned Time (hours)
  • Previous Order – Product Attribute
    • Product SKU
Magento® Customer Segments - Conditions

It’s built to be fast

We build as much meta-data as possible. Customer’s activity Information of is updated as it happens, so building a segment records can be done in a couple of minutes even with tens of thousands of customers

We also perform as much queries as possible using Zend_Select, so no events, or similar, are dispatched. All because of speed

Allow/Deny Access to Pages, Blocks and Products per segment

Do you have content you don’t want to show to certain segments? We got you covered.
For each cms page, block and product you can specify which Customers Segments have access to it.
You can now have private sales to your segments


Some real case examples

Attributes Usage
It’s a very powerful way to know, not only the products, but also a common attribute customers view. You can segment not only by attribute, but much more interesting, per attribute value. If you have a manufacturer attribute you can create a segment of users who view ,or bought, products from a specific manufacturer. The same way you can use to segment customer’s gender, if you have such attribute defined. Linking this to the power of Email Marketing extension, you can send really targeted campaigns by knowing the subset of customers who are interested in a defined brand.
Price Variations
You just want to reward your most loyal (and you define the meaning of the loyal word) customers. Give them lower prices and make sure they know they are special. Why not reward your customers who have more than X reviews, added some tags and never failed a payment? They will appreciate the recognition and will spread the word
This is just basic. If you know were your customers are from you can offer a more personalized experience to serve them and to increase your retention rate
Premium offers
One criteria in the conditions is the “Percentage of Global Average Order Amount” which basically means how above or below the order average your customer is. If you have a segment of customer with a “Percentage of Global Average Order Amount” of 200, that means their order amount is twice as much as the order average. Take good care of these
Missing Customers
Try to regain some “old” customers by creating a segment of customers who bought more than twice, but the last purchase date was over 6 months ago. Make some special offer to this group to regain their interests and maintain their loyalty.
Extensions Integration
This extension is so powerful that we couldn’t just not integrate it with our other extensions. This means that our Email Marketing extension supports sending campaigns to a specific segment and our Customer Equity supports reports per segment+

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To test all extension features before buying, please login into the demo environment with the following data

Store Admin:
Username: demo
Password: demo123123
Navigate to the “Customers/Customers Segments” menu

Version 2.2.0 – 7-03-2017

  • Access to blocks and pages added

Version 2.1.0 – 14-02-2017

  • Segments prices support added

Version 2.0.0 – 10-02-2016

  • Initial Release

This extension source code is 100% open source

This extension is compatible with Magento® 2.1+