Customer Equity & Lifetime Value – Magento® 1

Customer Equity

Do you know how much are you making from your customers? Or you just have an idea?

With this extension you can know in high detail how much did cost you an order and how much profit did you have. From payment gateways cost, shipping, marketing, goods, taxes, operational, and any other you want.

Do you pay a monthly fee for a certain payment gateway? Plus a percent or fixed amount per order? You can assign that type of costs to orders so calculated values are as accurate as possible.

This is not just limited to payment costs, but every type of cost you have in your company that affects your profit (all of them)

Do you have seasonal costs? Do not worry about that, just define the time interval in which that cost should be imputed to the order and voila!!

You can even determine marketing campaigns costs impact in you order values

Magento® Customer Equity - Investment
Magento® Customer Equity - Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value

Having the ability to know how much money you make from each customer is great. Really great.

But wouldn’t be greater if you could also predict the amount of money you will make from them in the future?

This extension gives you the possibility to do that. And it’s very simple. We provide you the variables values, all you have to do is “play” with them

You can define up to three equations to get your CLTV. We will calculate the average between them for you.

Variables you can use

  • s – Average Order Amount
  • c – Average Number of Orders
  • a – Cycle Customer Value Average
  • t – Average Customer Lifespan
  • r – Customer Retention Rate
  • p – Profit per Customer
  • i – Rate of Discount
  • m – Average Margin per Customer Lifespan
Magento® Customer Equity - Variables
Magento® Customer Equity - Customer Segments

Customer Segments

If you have installed the Customer Segments extensions by Licentia, you can use the result of your equations to build segments and define product prices, or to build reports per segment


Customer Reports

If you have installed the Customer Segments extensions by Licentia, you can use the result of your equations to build segments and define product prices, or to build reports per segment

Get fully detailed reports about customers sales and margins

How many orders, the amount, your profit, taxes payed, order average, discounts, service costs, goods costs, etc.

Invoice Reports

Have a general view from your invoices and how much money was spent on each service or good.

From this report you can also see if there was a code associated with the order (marketing campaign) and if it was the customer first order (conversion)

Products Report

Have an in-depth report for every product sold in your store

And when e say in-depth, we really mean it. Export the following data for further analysis from your team:

store_id, customer_email, customer_id, order_id, invoice_id, payment_code, shipping_code, shipping_fixed, shpping_percent, shipping_costs, payment_fixed, payment_percent, payment_costs, product_amount, product_qty, product_cost_row, product_cost, product_name, product_sku, row_cost_services, row_cost_goods, row_amount, row_cost, row_profit, order_item_id, invoice_item_id, human_fixed, human_percent, human_costs, marketing_fixed, marketing_percent, marketing_costs, operational_fixed, operational_percent, operational_costs, financial_fixed, financial_percent, financial_costs, goods_fixed, goods_percent, goods_costs, taxes_fixed, taxes_percent, taxes_costs, other_fixed, other_percent, other_costs, invoice_amount, created_at, updated_at

Business Success

Web Services Support

Do you have external analytics apps or services? Do not want to export information all the time?

This extensions allows you to fetch reports information so your external analytics can be up-to-date.

And we use Magento® built-in web service system. So it’s really easy. It is…








This extension is for Magento® 1. It’s not compatible with Magento® 2. Magento® 2 version is available here

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To test all extensions features before buying, please login into the demo environment with the following data

Store Admin:
Username: demo
Password: demo12323
Navigate to the “Customer Value” menu

Version – 13-11-2015

  • NEW – Also calculates Guests values
  • Fixes issues related with costs calculation

Version – 28-09-2015

  • Fixes – Wrong calculation of values
  • Fixes – Issue with checkout

Version – 02-03-2015

  • New – Web Services support for listing reports
  • Fixes – Some invoices where not processed
  • Fixes – Incorrect processing for configurable invoices
  • Fixes – Default values upon installation added

Version – 19-01-2015

  • BugFixes – Issue with extension installation

This extension is compatible with Magento® 1.7+

This extension source code is 100% open source