Why Do We Exist?

Because we can add something new to the market.

We can bring new solutions, new ways of achieving things and new work ethic.

We know we can only survive in the technology world if we push ourselves, if we try to do it better, better than what we just did, if we bring something new. And we firmly believe we do.

The Quest For Perfection

While we don’t launch a new project that is not meet our high standards, we are constantly searching for better ways to improve the work we have done. Not for future projects, but mainly for current ones. Customers with E-Commerce solutions implemented by Licentia are always our primary focus. Not future ones.

E-Commerce is a complex and always evolving world. Our customers always have the latest in technology and methodology. No project ever stops with the launch event. Launching a new E-Commerce project is just the first step.

Launching and thinking we have the best project possible, is a fairly easy task. Keep believing we have the best possible project every single day is the hard part. But we embrace it. We know it’s going to be hard, complex and time consuming. But there is no other way.

It’s About Our Customers

We go the extra mile. Not because we are pushed, but because we push ourselves. Every project isa different one, but almost every project has the same goal.

if we want to offer the very best to our customers we will make sure we do the best we can and a more so our customers have at their disposal the best tools, the best options and the very best services and support.

We will analyze your store data and if we think we found a better way for doing something we will propose it to you. We will make sure admin and frontend tasks are performed as smoothly as possible.